CMM Metrology

Our equipment and machinery is modern and state of the art. Our 20,000 square foot factory is capable of extension to suit your needs.


Hexagon Global Classic SR 07.10.07

X – 700mm
Y – 1000mm
Z – 660mm
No probe rack 6
Auto probe head 5 degrees

CMM Machine description

  • Point-to-point and optional scanning configurations
  • All-aluminium ultra-rigid frame
  • Patented TRICISION design with triangular cross section which provides optimum stiff-to-mass ratio for unquestioned precision and long-term stability
  • High-rigidity large-section Z spindle optimises the use of vertically extended tooling
  • High resolution scales
  • One-piece table construction, patented dovetail guideways are precision-machined in granite to improve accuracy and repeatability
  • Ergonomic and intuitive-to-use icon-based Universal JogBox, optional PC-DMIS interactivity for optimised workflow operations
  • CLIMA structural temperature compensation available as option
  • No step access to working area from all sides
  • Minimum footprint for easy fit in tight spaces